Friday, November 28, 2008

Less than one month until Christmas...

The 2nd Showtime photo cookie order was successfully completed without any problems, and because I'd taken some time to restock my bows after the first order, I had enough on hand to complete the 2nd order without having to make them on the fly. Now I just have to remember to get myself over to Aaron Brother's Art Mart and get some more glue sticks. Maybe that's something I'll do today. I also need to make many pounds of English Toffee as I already have lots of orders for it.

And here's a pretty little thing - in case you didn't know, Signature Sweet Shoppe has it's own channel on Youtube at SignatureSweetShoppe. Last week that channel was made a Youtube partner, which means it is eligible for revenue sharing. Now, I'm not anticipating revenue from it because I'm pretty low on scale, but the possibility exists. Somehow also the channel as of today is the #21 "most subscribed partner" for the week, which seems crazy to me because my subscription base is pretty small compared to the top partners who surely are getting hundreds of subscriptions per day. But, it is what it is, I guess.

Monday, November 17, 2008

And the baking continues...

So, lovely, lovely, lovely. Showtime called again and needs 520 more of the same photo cookies, and I was delighted to take on this additional order. I won't need any help to make 520 happen, and I'm not going to burn the candle at both ends - although I probably COULD make all 520 in one day if I wanted to push myself really hard, but there's no need to. These cookies will go out on Monday, and yay... I'll finally get rid of that last 22x22x16 box I have. People, those boxes are just enormous. And to think... the Christmas season hasn't even officially begun for me...

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Some changes are happening at SSS!

First of all, I've changed the "events" button at the top of every SSS website page to be this Blog, which will actually be a little easier for me to maintain.

Second, the 7800 photo cookie order for Showtime is complete.

Third, I've learned a lot from the challenge of 7800 cookies and may write an addendum or another chapter to my book. So, if you've already ordered the book, I'll upgrade you for free when the time comes that I have something written.

Fourth, I am slowly working my way through the website to remove all the Paypal options. Why? Well, the shipping configuration is never, never right, and I'm getting tired of being stuck with half of the shipping charges. Thankfully only a handful of people have ever ordered using the Paypal links in the five years the business has been open, so they've sort of been a waste of space anyhow. But I know from experience how many fit in a box, what the approx. weight of the box will be and need to figure that pricing according to the zip code (something Paypal cannot configure).

120 baking trays are stacked 4-ft high waiting to be washed.