Friday, January 04, 2013

Referrals are lovely!

Well, last week I got a referral from the sweet Hollywood Candy Queen herself, Jackie Sorkin.  The client she referred to me for some custom cookies then sent me this picture:

Actually, it was the fully body too but we decided to just do the head with the cape.  Of course, I always get nervous when I have to do a custom cookie, but usually it's the hand cutting around the template that's the worst of it.  Then after I get them baked (and these were all on a stick as well), I develop an "anchor point" for the piece.  In the case of the horse head, the anchor for the entire piece was the line where the mane and cape meet.  using that line, I outlined the mane first and filled it in (all free-hand).  The second anchor point was the insignia with the C.  From there I mapped out the two-toned cape.  Then I mapped out the mask and finally the head, nose and neck shadow.  The details on the nose, the eyebrow and the inner ear were done with food edible pens.  The last part done was the eye, which was iced wet on wet.  The project of 48 cookies was completed over three nights.

Now working on a thank-you to Jackie!  Something sweet, of course!

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