Tuesday, January 30, 2007

English Toffee

Hello candy lovers everywhere!

Recently a client ordered some English Toffee from me to give away as a gift. The person she gave it to, however, was extremely allergic to gluten in any form or fashion, and I began to receive a flurry of emails about whether or not there was any gluten in my English Toffee. I told her what the ingredients were, which included no gluten products. Then she threw a new twist on the matter asking if the chocolate chips I used were dusted with flour in the manufacturing plant to keep them from sticking together. She named a famous brand which she claimed did such a practice, and I don't use that particular brand and wouldn't have been the wiser anyhow. I still have to research that more. Nevertheless, I called the manufacturer of the chocolate that I buy and was told that they absolutely do not dust their chips and their chips are completely gluten-free. So, in case any of you might be worried about such a thing, my English Toffee is gluten-free. The only caveat to that is, however, that it is not made in a gluten-free environment. Just as I let people know that certain cookies do not contain nuts or nut extracts, I still make it clear that the cookies are made in an environment where nuts are sometimes also processed.

Keeping our clients informed is just one of the steps we take here at Signature Sweet Shoppe to ensure you have a scrumptious experience!

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Anonymous said...

OMG !!! Amazing beautifully boxed candy. I brought a box to work and it almost caused a fight when we got to the last 2 pieces.

Anonymous said...

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