Friday, January 26, 2007

An Introduction

I grew up baking cookies for my family but never really thought about it as a career. Even now I sometimes don't think of it as a career but just as that thing I do that pays the bills! Nevertheless, it is something that I enjoy and somehow also am somewhat good at!

I created the name, Signature Sweet Shoppe, because I had this idea to make customized cookies of corporate logos - and my first byline was, "your logo, our sweets," but that seemed too long. So I just changed the byline to "Custom Cookies," which is what they all are. My clients tell me how they want them decorated, and I make it happen. Are any two orders alike? Yes. One person orders pink baby dresses and so does another. But it's so nice when the client says to me that I have carte blanche to decorate the cookies, and then I can just see each one as a little blank canvas.

I didn't take courses in cookie decorating. I'm of the "monkey see, monkey do" school of learning, and through trial and error taught myself about working with royal icing and piping bags. I thought I'd never feel comfortable piping, and now I don't give it a second thought. It also took me a while to tinker with a sugar cookie recipe that was sturdy enough to be shipped, certainly not like those flimsy things you buy in the supermarket which are too delicate and filled with who knows what preservatives to keep them "fresh" on the shelves. My cookies are sturdy enough to be "dunkers," and I encourage people to dunk them in their tea, coffee or even hot chocolate. My cookies can take it!


sophie_san said...

Hi Jenny,

I was trying to find a video on YouTube that'll teach me how to put icing on my cupcakes properly and while doing so, I stumbled upon your lovely video on decorating cookies with royal icing :)

I really enjoyed watching your videos and I'm very inspired to get one of those metal pipe nozzles (size 4) which you used for the icing outlines.

I've never done icing/frosting on cakes or cookies before until recently. I used a teaspoon to put a doloop of icing on top of the (mini) cupcakes and spreaded the icing with the same spoon. Haha, they didn't turn out pretty, but it was fun!

From the video, I gather that the cookies were left on the tray overnight so that the icing hardens? If yes, won't the cookies go soft? I usually hurry to get all my cookies packed in an airtight container after leaving them to cool for half an hour.

Thanks alot for taking time to produce those videos! I'm sure alot of people would find it very helpful, just like I did ;)

Oh yes, the finished product looked absolutely amazing!

Anonymous said...

Hello.I am from Greece and I've watched your videos for doing those great cookies.So i thought i could start a little home business like you.It's something new here in Greece and I hope people here like the idea as much as I liked.I am good at decorating cookies(i'ce tried a couple of times).
The only thing i want to ask you is for how long are cookies eatable.
I make the icing with eggs,because i cannot find meringue powder and it is expensive to order it.
So thanx for all those ideas at your videos and your answer too.

Hollee Brutton said...

Happy holidays Jenny!

Your videos are remarkable! Thank you for taking time to produce the cookie lessons.

I was searching "how to make and decorate with royal icing", for gingerbread cookies I wanted to make for years. I found much, much more with your videos! Your step by step instructions took away my fear and gave me the confidence I needed to charge ahead. I made beautiful gingerbread cookies for the holiday! I'd love to send you a picture.

You rock!

Hollee Brutton
Memphis, Tn

Tracy Morris said...

Can you share your sugar cookie recipe?