Saturday, January 27, 2007

some new cookies

I just made some cookies for one of my clients, Delicate Details, which is an Event Planning company that specializes in weddings. The client had two requests: a fancy font and the colors should be pink and brown. As it turned out, I had the exact font to match the ones on her business card, a font called "Edwardian." Very nice and scripty. But this is what my cookies are all about - hand decorated and custom personalized to what the client needs. I do all the work myself, and I enjoy it.

Up next is a bunch of heart cookies on a stick for a client who is a regular, monthly client. She always puts a basket of thematic cookies out in her lobby, so it's getting close to Valentines Day, and I'll do a batch for her for Monday and another batch in a week or so. I've got her set on my schedule for the next few months.

So, cookies anyone?

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